Our wedding party

Many many thanks to our wonderful wedding party for their help in the planning and executing of this big day. You guys are the best!
Sona's attendants
  • Mary Boyer, Maid Of Honor
    My first maid of honor, is Mary Boyer, an amazing woman who has a passion for crispy M&Ms, rubber duckies and used to be a member of the famed Powerpuff Girls. She also enjoys dognapping my puppy, whiskey and road trips, provided that we bring lots of sugary snacks along. Her motto in life is: Be happy. And pass on a smile.
  • Krupa Trivedi, Maid Of Honor
    The next Maid of Honor is Krupa Trivedi. Krupa is a former Bruin who enjoys helping others, being full of life, and being very loud. I met her at UCLA, and we bonded instantly over some late night fast food and our freak obsession with Bollywood. Her motto is: Laughter is the best cure for anything.
  • Kayla Oakley, Bridesmaid
    My final bridesmaid is Kayla Oakley, my future sister-in-law. She has looks that could kill and will be breaking hearts in no time. She and I bonded over our love for experimenting with hair colors. Luckily, I've convinced her to stay blonde for the wedding. And she'll even be in a dress, with heels! (gasp)
Stephen's attendants
  • Victor Arellano, Best Man
    The Best Man is Victor Arellano. Victor has been like a brother to me since we met in high school. Victor is a talented saxophonist and a great cook. Victor and I have bonded over many odd jobs and food.
  • Frank Chen, Groomsman
    My second Groomsman is Frank Chen. Sona and I met Frank in our first year at UCLA. Since then, Frank has been nothing less than family to us. Frank is one of the most thoughtful and brilliant people I know.
  • Sarkis Khachatryan, Groomsman
    My final Groomsman is Sarkis Khachatryan. Sarkis and I met in high school. In addition to being very bright, Sarkis is an amazing rapper. Sarkis epitomizes the cool engineer.