The Bride, Sona Chaudhuri

Sona is nothing less than an amazing woman, and to say that she is beautiful and accomplished would fail to do her justice. Born and raised in Northern California, Sona's upbringing bestowed upon her a unique blend of progressive ideals and traditional virtues. While at UCLA Sona studied Computer Science and Classical Civilization. As such, she posses one of the most eclectic set of interest that a person can have. Sona is geek chic and culture savy. Very few people are as insightful and learned as Sona, and even fewer still are as compassionate and thoughtful. Sona possess a wonderful sense of humor and a propensity for puns. She is the kind of woman who puts the needs of others ahead of her own, and never fails to bring warmth and a smile to those in need.

Since a young age Sona has studied Bollywood dance, played tennis and studied mythology. In addition to her own hobbies, Sona dedicates her to time to helping others find their way through the haze of modern society. She participates in Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners, is an active member of the UCLA Alumni Scholarship Committee and is often an invited speaker at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley.

With all that Sona does for others, it is no wonder that she is loved by all those who have the privilege of meeting her. And with her intellectual curiosity and quick wit it is no wonder that she is a perfect match for Stephen.

The Groom, Stephen Joseph Oakley

Stephen Joseph Oakley is an enigma in his own right. Since his beginnings in Los Angeles, CA he has been affecting all those he meets with his brilliance and charisma. As a young child in school, he showed a great penchance for math and computers, outlining his future research. At UCLA, his aim was to graduate with a degree in Computer Science, but this was not to be. While there, he discovered his love of mathematics and proved himself to be a great scholar, graduating with three degrees in those four formative years: a B.S. in Computer Engineering, a B.S. in Mathematics, and a M.S. in Computer Science.

Not only is Stephen a brilliant scholar, but he also enjoys competitive sports such as archery, rock climbing, and triathlons. He shows dedication and passion in all that he pursues and is a true example of the Renaissance man. He is also the king of insane dance moves and does not hesitate to break down and boogie, whether it be to Bhangra or Lady Gaga or A Perfect Circle. It is this quality of being the ever-present chameleon that appealed so much to Sona, as she comes from a rich cultural background. Steve has willingly embraced this and made it his own. Especially with regards to food.

Steve is a wonderful man who values relationships with good people above all else, and makes a great match for Sona.

How We Met

Stephen and Sona met during Engineering Welcome Day 2005 on the very first day of their tenure at UCLA. Over the next year Sona and Steve shared many lunches together discussing their ideals, interest and ambitions. From that point on, the two were inseparable; even a summer apart did not quell the growth of their friendship.

When Steve helped Sona move in for her sophomore year at UCLA, the pair spent an entire night bonding over Thai food and Animaniacs. For another several weeks, they resisted the temptation to admit their feelings for one another; despite the advice of their closest friends. Finally, on November 1, 2006 Stephen asked Sona out, and they went to see Phantom of the Opera during their first date. It was a magical night, and set the stage for the two to enjoy many more magical moments together as the years progressed.

That chance meeting, so many years ago, culminated in a rich friendship which is the foundation of the love they share for one another today.