When it happened

Friday, December 25, 2009

How we got engaged

The time: Christmas Day, 2009. The place: Grandma's house. It was a cold, wintery day in December when Steve decided to...oh wait, we spent Christmas in LA. Scratch that. It was a hot, summery day in December when Steve decided to propose to Sona. Earlier that week, Steve and Sona had road-tripped down the coast of California, to revel in the ever-present fog that rolled in from the ocean. They had a great time, and got to visit some amazing sights like Point Lobos, Hearst Castle and the beach at Santa Barbara. It was great, but Sona's favorite part was yet to come. One of Sona's favorite times of the year is Christmas, when families come together to celebrate, and we mark the ending of an old year and the beginning of a new one. (And of course...THE OPENING OF PRESENTS!) Giddily, Sona awoke on Christmas morning expecting to tear open the gifts with the zealousness of a child. Unfortunately, she was informed that she would have to wait until 3pm, when the rest of Steve's family would arrive to celebrate at Grandma's. Crushed, she waited until the appointed time, and was disappointed when Steve still denied her her present. He told her that she would have to wait until everyone else had completed opening their presents in order to receive hers. She waited patiently, and when the last present was opened, Steve called the attention of his family, asked Sona to sit in front of the tree and handed her a huge box. Eagerly, she opened it, only to find another layer of wrapping paper. After opening that, she found another. And another. And another. And finally! Another box. More wrapping paper. A smaller box. More wrapping paper. And NOW finally! She opened the last box to reveal a ring box. When she looked up from her hand, she saw that Steve was down on one knee and everyone around them was hooting and hollering. With that, Steve said "You are perfect. The perfect woman for me in every conceivable way. You are brilliant, beautiful, charming, and make me happier than I ever imagined possible. There is no other woman that I would rather have by my side. No other woman I would wish to grace with the title of Vixen, and no other woman worthy of being called mine. And I am blessed to be able to be your Polar Bear. Will you marry me?" Sona had tears in her eyes, but did not hesitate to respond with a resounding "YES!!!" And then there was much hugging and crying and congratulatory hugs and congratulatory tears. The End.